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Because life is for living…

Are you looking to escape the pressures, responsibilities and daily stresses of running a large house, now that the children have flown the nest? Perhaps you’re looking to release equity from your current property to boost your future pension and help you enjoy life a little more!

A park home may offer you the perfect solution.

Highly economic to run, with minimal housework and a manageable garden a size, which is more of a pleasure than a chore to look after; living in a residential park home offers a more tranquil and relaxed way of life. 

As an over 45s residential park, you can also rest assured that you’ll be surrounded by like minded people, with similar interests at the same stage in life as yourself. Park home living at Presthope Grange offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the peace, quiet and birdsong, rather than the crash of a football in your garden, constant traffic and loud neighbouring music!

When considering moving to a park home development such as Presthope Grange, you also get the benefit of choosing your ideal plot on the park. Plus, Presthope Grange offers a great choice of park home styles, designs and layouts, which can be customised to your exact specification.

Park homes on Presthope Grange residential park are supplied fully fitted, furnished and finished in designs of your choosing, with all appliances included as part of the agreed upon price.

Presthope Grange also understand that moving home can be both stressful and expensive and therefore, offer several options including 100% part-exchange on your current property, to make moving home more of a pleasure and less of a costly hassle.

If you have any questions about Presthope Grange or park home living, or would like to arrange a viewing get in touch today!

What our residents say

Peter & Sally Wilson

“Park Homes, What a lovely way to live! It’s like being on a permanent holiday! Such an easy process to buy, helped by highly experienced sales staff and managers. We would highly recommend!”

April & John McGullogh

“The best decision of our lives! The process of downsizing to our new park home from our old 4 bed house has meant we’ve freed up loads of income enjoy ourselves now the kids have left home!!”

Cynthia & Bill Turnbull

“We spent years enjoying our family holidays in the countryside making friends and enjoying the wonderful community feeling on holiday parks… Except now we LIVE on one and love every second!”

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