With a range of luxurious new residential park homes for sale in Shropshire on their stunning park home site in Much Wenlock, Presthope Grange are experts on park home living pros and cons. If you are considering retirement and looking for a rural property for sale in Shropshire, perhaps relocating to a luxury park home is the right choice for you. If you’ve already thought about this, you will no doubt be weighing up the benefits and stumbling blocks of making your move. This blog is here to help you do just that.



Park home purchase costs compare very favourably against traditional housing. Presthope Grange offers plenty of choice around the £200,000 price range – with several different styles of luxury park homes to choose from and choice of your ideal home from all leading manufacturers, as well as the option to custom design and build your own bespoke home, our luxury park homes begin at an affordable £199,995. With a range of park home finance options and park loans available, retiring to an over 50’s residential park is easier and more cost effective than ever.

Residential parks often offer a home part-exchange scheme which means you can swap your current house for a luxury park home and the difference is yours to keep, allowing you to start your retired life in style. Running costs are generally less than in traditional properties too with park homes almost always being the lowest Council Tax Band, modern build and insulation allows park homes to be extremely cost effective and energy efficient and of course a new home requires less maintenance for things like windows and doors, facias and gutters etc, which all equate to lowest costs for you. The savings will definitely be noticed by buyers who downsize from a larger, traditional property to a brand new park home.

As park homes are rising in popularity among those who are considering retirement and of course those already retired, the demand is ever increasing. Their value will remain strong and competitive especially when in highly desirable locations like that of Presthope Grange in Much Wenlock.

finance pros and cons residential park homes for sale in shropshire, buying a park home


Many residential park home sites are situated in idyllic locations all over the country. Presthope Grange Residential Park is an exclusive new development of residential park homes for sale in Much Wenlock, Shropshire. The park is close to the towns of Telford and Shrewsbury, but nestled in Wenlock Edge, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Shropshire. Presthope Grange is perfect for walkers and county lovers alike. Imagine leisurely Sunday afternoon strolls with a pit stop at The Copper Kettle Tea Rooms or The George and Dragon Inn, before cosying up in your luxury park home for a relaxing evening – absolute bliss!

Countryside living can instantly make you feel more relaxed and having regular access to green spaces has been proven to have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. Choosing to live in a park home is a great option for those who want to take better care of their health as park home living lends itself to a more tranquil and relaxed way of life.

presthope grange much wenlock residential park homes for sale in shropshire, buying a park home


Many purchasers are attracted to park home life because of the park rules restricting the age of people living on the park – many sites are exclusively over 50s residential parks. Presthope Grange is an over 45s residential park, meaning that you will be surrounded by like-minded neighbours, with similar interests.

Most over 50s communities are private and selective, ensuring that only approved residents and guests are admitted on the park home site. Security may also include: lighted parking areas and walkways, onsite office by the entrance which often is home to a park manager or sales person, prominent emergency evacuation points clearly marked on a plan and, as people are generally at home more, additional neighbourhood watch volunteers are active.



There are permanent residential park home sites on which you can choose to live throughout the year – Presthope Grange, for example, is a full time residential park with new residential park homes for sale in Shropshire. However, there are also sites with different licensing arrangements that do not allow you to live in your park home all year round. Before purchasing, it is important to confirm that your preferred site has a residential licence and no restrictions which will limit your usage.

Park rules may often include pet and parking restrictions depending on your park home site too. Doing your research prior to buying a park home is essential to ensure your new home is perfect for you personally. If you’d like to know more about Presthope Grange’s site rules call our experienced sales team today on 01746 541941.

Remote locations:

Many park homes are built away from any major towns or cities, but are generally situated close to transport links, so although they may feel isolated to some, they really are the best of both worlds for those looking for somewhere quiet and picturesque, with plenty to do close by and local communities to join. More rural locations will encourage going out and exploring, finding independent shops and restaurants off the beaten track and being part of a smaller more close-knit community.

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With a number of new plots for park homes available from the UK’s leading luxury park home manufacturers ready for you to choose from, contact Presthope Grange today to arrange a viewing, request a brochure, or find out more about the pros and cons of park home living.